My name is Suzy.

Podcasting Pioneer

The Groove Radio Podcast
since 2005.

Cookery by the Book Podcast
since 2015.

Decorating by the Book Podcast
coming Fall 2021.

I’m an audio content creator with over 20 years of experience across broadcast radio and podcasting. Demonstrated history of taking creative concepts from the drawing board to the public and developing two unique podcast formats. 

The Pod Process 

The Pod Process Testimonials

“I recently had the chance to sit down and dissect my podcast with Suzy. She came to the meeting incredibly prepared and had episode specific examples of what and how I could improve my presentation as well as next steps. I felt like I was talking to an old friend and immediately knew this was someone I can trust and take advice from. All the tips and tricks Suzy gave me are manageable and I can’t wait to add them to my podcast.”
- Ready, Set, Growth Podcast

“Suzy was so nice she was willing to lend her help. When we had a meeting Suzy gave me tips that BOOSTED my confidence in podcasting. She is amazing!”
- Lifestyle Tea Podcast

"Suzy acknowledged the value and power of my voice, as well as the subject-matter of my podcast. After our first coaching session, I felt refocused and reenergized. More importantly, I felt newly inspired by the exchange of ideas and seemingly endless possibilities. Suzy was the missing piece of my podcast puzzle!"
- Incluse This! Podcast

“Suzy is amazing! She inspired me to take my podcasting to the next level by sharing her expertise in the field. I am so appreciative for her encouraging words and wonderful feedback!“
- Becoming My Best Me Podcast

“We reached out to Suzy for help getting our podcast into the ears of more listeners. Not only did she research our pod before meeting with us, she also researched the category of our pod to think of creative ways we could accomplish our goal within our niche. She provided us with insights and suggestions to improve our pod from a listener's perspective and she used her experience in podcasting to help us create ways to be more involved with fans. We cannot thank her enough for her help!”
- Crazy Train Of Thought Podcast

"Suzy was fantastic at giving me the pointers I needed to grow and market my podcast effectively. Helpfully we're both massive foodies and have tailored our podcasts accordingly, so she was able to give me some really specific advice regarding content too. Chatting with Suzy has made me much more confident in continuing to build my podcast, and taking it to the next level.”
- Local Produce Podcast

“Suzy gave me some very clear ideas and strategies to help grow my listenership.  She clearly knows her craft inside out and backwards.  Thanks Suzy.”
- Hospitality Meets... with Phil Street Podcast

"I am blown away by Suzy's insight and advice. She spent the time to listen to my podcast, made notes, and provided tangible next-steps. I feel that I have the missing pieces to get my show out to more listeners."
- That’s A Hobby Podcast

"Suzy really helped put some gears in motion in my head to help grow my show.”
- I Read Comic Books Podcast

"Suzy is full of knowledge, best practices and great ideas for those that are starting a podcast.  Get in touch with her, and listen to her podcasts to see how it's done!"
- Pitmaster, An Old Virginia Smoke Podcast

"I started my podcast with no prior background on content creation, and reached out to Suzy for coaching. Suzy took the time to listen to my catalogue, researched similar podcasts in my category, and provided detailed next steps. Suzy provided a roadmap for my podcast from multiple standpoints - social media engagement, landing guests and planning content. On top of her valuable insights, Suzy is great to bounce ideas with, she is incredibly responsive and supportive in her communication and all around a delight to work with!"
- Do Overthink It Podcast

“The chance to speak directly to a fellow podcaster who has also got specific constructive criticism and helpful suggestions for improvement in your podcast is not only rare, but an absolute must. Speak to Suzy, you won’t regret it!”
- ABC Music Talk Podcast

“It was really easy to have a conversation with Suzy and I felt that she delivered criticism in a constructive way and she also acknowledged correct motives for making a podcast and emphasized a point of being able to enjoy it and make it manageable for myself.”
- It’s Football, Not Football! Podcast

“I am blown away by Suzy's insight and advice. She spent the time to listen to my podcast, made notes, and provided tangible next-steps. I feel that I have the missing pieces to get my show out to more listeners.”
- It’s A Hobby Podcast

 “ Looking for podcast help, Suzy Chase is your lady! When we first started looking into setting up our podcast I was so lost and confused, we spoke to several (so called podcast coaches) and it was all the same nonsense. Then we met Suzy and she helped us get up and running with just a mic, headphones, a Mac, and Suzy’s advice in regards to using Skype and Audio Hijack. It saved us over 1,000.00 dollars!”
- Cooking in the Catskills Podcast